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Gospel Ministry in Hard Places – 20Schemes Highland Launch

Smithton will be the venue for a conference on Saturday 15 March, the Highland launch of 20 Schemes. Gospel Ministry in Hard Places 10-2pm on Saturday 15th March Main speaker: Mez McConnell Registration 9:30am Light lunch provided Venue: Smithton-Culloden Free Church Session 1: An introduction to 20schemes Session 2: Principles for working among the urban…


Prepare Enrich – Marriage Programme

Smithton-Culloden are offering a programme called Prepare Enrich to help prepare couples for marriage but also, as the name suggests, to enrich existing marriages, a kind of MOT for couples. Research from Seddons the solicitors, in their Separation Regrets Survey, shows that those experiencing separation (either from marriage or a cohabiting relationship) primarily wished they…

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